A2Air Android Auto Wireless Adapter

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Very Fast Wireless Android Auto Dongle

7s Boot-Up | 5GHz Wi-Fi Transmission | Exquisite Modern Design

Full startup in as little as 7 seconds

Very Fast Android Auto adapter for efficient connection. Less than 7-second phone-to-car connection for your rushing and immediate needs.


Equipped with 5G Wi-Fi module for an extreme fast data transmission.With stronger and more stable connections,we wish you a good day.

Shine Like A Diamond, Exquisite and Modern Design

The dedicating enclosure design, cutting edge for an advanced driving future.

Android Auto Is An Enjoyment

Completely designed for Android Auto infotainment system, absolute compatible for all the Android Auto users. Focus and concentration makes things impeccable.

Plug, Then Play, Is Your Nature

USB plug and play without hesitation has become the simplest way of contemporary life. Spending more time with someone you care about.

No Extra Handwork, Perfect fit for your original vehicle console

It is super convenient and friendly for all kinds of vehicle lovers.No more car fixing and modification just in order to add a wireless module into your car.

Traditional, integrated also.

Without replacing the original console controls, working synchronously and balanced with your vehicle console.

Your Ultimate Ottocast Companion

Upgrade your software with a single click, eliminating complex steps. Resolve compatibility issues, update your device, and send support requests effortlessly.

Compatible with more than 600 models

Compatible with these phone