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New generation of PICASOU Series

Update your car's infotainment system to turn your car into a moving home theaters. Only plug it into your car charge. No installation required

Three System Switching at any time

You can switch between Android system, wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto at any time, suitable for families who have both Android phones and Apple phone.

Stream any apps. Online YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ video playback

Pass the boring time while driving, watching your favorite shows and movies with your friends and family became possible! You also can install more favorite APPs.

Support up to 1080P mini HDMI audio & video output

Watching movies and navigating without interfering with each other. It support display different contents on dual-screen(central console monitor and other HDMI input-enable monitor)in your car.

Leap in Performance, 50% More Boost

Features a blazing fast Qualcomm 665 Octa-core chipset, the first Carplay AI Box using smartphone chips.Built-in GPS module. It has 4+ 64G large capacity with faster processing speed and smoother operation. Delivering Faster Speed Than Ever Before.

Freshly redesigned UI and function

Support 4G Internet, GPS signal receiving, Bluetooth phone, BT music and etc. Dynamically adjust the screen layout according to the size of your car screen, have more customizable modules.

Stay with you your car, home and office

HDMI output Support all kinds of HDMI devices screen, such as roof mounted monitor, smart TV, computer, laptops etc. In addition to entertainment functions, it can also meet other usage requirements

Expandable Memory &Dynamic Ambient Lighting

Set your desired Dynamic Lighting color and start your day with a new color. It also Supports 4G SIM cards and TF card up to 128G, no longer have to worry about insufficient storage.

Completely paired with your original car dashboard

Keep the 4 original car control methods - voice control mode, touch screen control,
knob contro and steering wheel control.

Compatible with more than 98% models