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10.26 Inch Car Screen

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📱Wireless: Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

🎧Bluetooth & Aux: Cord Enabled.

🔊Plays Audio: Through Car Stereo.

✨10.26-inch HD: Touch Screen.

🎙️Voice Controls: Siri or Google Assistant.
128G TF card: Not Included

What apps can I use?

Wireless CarPlay、Wireless Android Auto、Spotify、MicroSD

Supports iPhone & Android

Any iPhone from 5 or higher. Any Android running 6.0 or higher.

No More Cords

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to The OTTOCAST ™ 4K Car Screen for a wireless CarPlay & Android Auto experience.

Automatic Connection

Set it up once and forget it. Automatically connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto every time!

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You won't be disappointed

It makes my car looks like brand new this smart screen is one of the best car purchases I have done, everything works fine no laggy or frozen screens , the bluetooth with the car is great , the camera has very good quality I love the amount of different settings you can do to make the experience better. it was very easy to install and set it up very straight foward. I really recommend this screen. also very good company they will help you if you need anything.

Flawless and Easy to Setup

The 10" screen is what I like because it is also visible on the long dashboard in our motorhome. Being able to get it at such a low price, I bought it right away. So far, I'm impressed and in love with it. I use the wireless CarPlay and watch YouTube on the drive from Georgia to Michigan to keep me awake and alert. 👍🏽"

Best Buy Of The Year

The screen had no lag whatsoever and it was a good touch calibration, so you won't find yourself pushing multiple times.Also, the device does not have a turn on/off button. Since my cigarette port does not cut off when I turn off the engine, then I find myself having to unplug the power to turn it off.Overall, I was blown away by the quality of this device. Very usable and of very good quality. Not once I found myself loosing bluetooth connection.

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